Plastelin Hobi 12/1

  • 12 boja
  • Težina: 150g
  • Prijatnog mirisa
  • Ne suši se na vazduhu
  • Boja ne ostaje na prstima
  • Rok trajanja neograničen
  • Čuvati na temeperaturi do 30ºC
  • Neotrovan
  • Za školski uzrast
Category: Plasticine


Kekec plasticine is an ideal beginning for creating magic. It is intended for school children and it is mainly used in educational activities and children’s workshops. Since Kekec plasticine is produced on the basis of high-quality waxes, the figures and objects do not air-dry, and it is possible to remodel, adapt and reuse the same plasticine. Kekec plasticine is non- toxic and it has unlimited expiration date.