About us

Welcome to our page, your destination for high quality products for artistic creation. We offer a wide array of modelling compounds intended for children, pupils, artists, hobbyists and all those who want to create.

Kekec was founded in 1998 with headquarters in Gornji Milanovac, the town where every product gets described as “brand”. We are the company that shapes your ideas. Our production line offers security and satisfaction. We produce a wide array of products made of school clay, glinamol, plasticine and Kidolino – a modelling compound intended for the youngest.

We have succeeded to create a distinctive brand by our devoted work. For the last 25 years we meet the demands of our consumers with our quality, assortment and service. All our products own a health certificate, thus Kekec plasticine, Kidolino, glinamol and school clay are all non- toxic and safe for children of all ages.

We proudly claim that nowadays Kekec is a modern company with clearly defined strategy and development goals, devoted to permanent promotion of the quality and products’ assortment, and building a long-term successful cooperation with our partners in production and distribution. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of all our clients; thus, we are able to adjust our products and services to the individual needs. We offer competitive prices and fast delivery, in order to secure our clients’ satisfaction with our products and services.

“All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.”
Pablo Picasso