About us

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“Kekec” is a manufacturer of modeling compounds for multipurpose – school and preschool children, hobbyists and artists. “Kekec” was founded in 1998, seated in Gornji Milanovac, and in the very beginning, production focused on plasticine manufacturing. Soon, we spread our product range by introducing product lines of modeling clay and glinamol, thus completing our product line of modeling compounds.

With wide assortment, our product line always tends to increase while we maintain our priorities of satisfying the customers, constantly improving business terms related to our customers and suppliers. Working hard, we succeed in making a recognizable brand, known for its quality and design, known to our cooperatives for professionalism, responsibility and accuracy, typical for our business environment. Quality, assortment and service meet the needs of our customers and consumers, aiming for the name “Kekec” to be the first association of modeling compounds. It’s on you to decide if we succeeded!

Our products possess health and safety certificate, so “Kekec” plasticine, Kidolino, glinamol and modeling clay are not toxic and they are safe for children of all ages.
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